Special Education

Main Number (978) 779-0539 

Joan DeAngelis
Director Pupil Personnel Services ext. 3013
Lori Anselmo
School Psychologist/Team Chair ext. 3050
Bethany Bressette
School Psychologist/Team Chair ext. 3052
Jennifer Ssonko
School Psychologist/Team Chair ext. 3043
Anne Neylon
Team Chair In District and Out of District Programs ext.3051
Michael Pease
School Psychologist/Team Chair 978-365-4558 ext. 3053
Lauren Schnare Mahoney    
School Psychologist/Team Chair 978-779-2257 ext. 4273

Center School
Grades PK -1  - Lori Anselmo
Grades 2-5  - Jennifer Ssonko

Florence Sawyer
Grades PK-     Cynthia Maxfield
Grades  K- 2-   Bethany Bressette
Grades 3-4  -   Lori Anselmo
Grades 5-8  - Bethany Bressette

Hale Middle School
Grades 6-8  - Jennifer Ssonko

Luther Burbank Middle School
Grades 6-8  - Michael Pease

Mary Rowlandson Elementary
Grades PK-     Cynthia Maxfield
Grades K -2  - Lori Anselmo
Grades  3-5  - Michael Pease

Nashoba Regional High School
Grades 9-12+  - Lauren Mahoney

Grade 8 Annual Reviews-  Kathryn Giannetti

Out of District & Links 1, Links 2, Jr. Life Skills, Transitions, and Life Skills
Anne Neylon